How to write a good commentary for english coursework

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How to create an electronic resume  The electronic resume should be written in an adequate font that is convenient to read without increasing the size of the document.  If you simply submit your resume at one of the job search sites, then, of course, it should be in electronic form. If you think that in the company where you want to work there is a large flow of new employees, and you cannot personally bring in a paper resume, you can send it to the personnel department in electronic form.  Some companies have their own requirements regarding the format of a resume: only in paper or digital form this, of course, must be taken into account. 

How to make a resume when looking for a job (sample)  In order for a resume to be well perceived by an employer, it is necessary to break it up into separate parts:  surname, name, patronymic: write your data and in some way select it: in bold or larger print;  personal data: date of birth, age (the employer has no desire to calculate how old you are), marital status, whether there are children and how old they are; if you are a citizen of another state please indicate this; contacts: you can not select in a separate section and write with the previous part; specify the address, contact numbers, e-mail address; You can specify the address of residence, but not full, but, for example, the area or the nearest metro station;

Resume Template For convenience, you can fill in ready-made templates by inserting or removing individual sections. purpose: the position or the type of work you are looking for; here you can also indicate the salary you would like to have; it is desirable to indicate not a specific amount, but a minimum threshold, adding the word “from”;  education: companies need people either with a higher education (maybe an incomplete higher education) or with a secondary vocational education (college, technical school and others); school education does not interest anyone; indicate the year of enrollment and year of graduation.

Its name (full) and the city where it was trained, faculty or institute, specialty (as in the diploma) and qualification if there are several higher educations, then the first place is to put the one that is more suitable for the vacancy, and if there is no difference, then they are put in chronological order; additional education: courses, trainings, seminars (photocopies of certificates and certificates must be attached); specify only what may be useful in your work, but not everything that you have ever attended; first, the year of completion of the courses, their duration, the full name and the company that conducted them;