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MirSovetov has already spoken about how to write a resume. Now it’s worthwhile to devote a separate publication to how this document should not be drafted, or rather, by examples, to tell about possible mistakes. For every job come hundreds of responses. And it takes a maximum of three minutes to get acquainted with one resume from an employer or HR specialist. According to staff recruiters, applicants too often make mistakes, the price of which is wasted time, the resume is in the basket. Sample Resume 1 Suppose a certain Natalya Petrova (all coincidences of names and names with real people and enterprises are random) after graduating from the university in the Volga region moved to Moscow. At first she headed the household chemicals section in a store in the near Moscow region, then she moved to a wholesale and retail company selling household chemicals throughout the country, where she oversaw sales not only in Moscow, but also in the regions.

She becomes crowded within the current position, but the company cannot offer any promotion options. Natalia begins to look for a new job and responds to the vacancy of the deputy head of the sales department in another company that also sells household chemicals. Requirements to the candidate: experience in the field of wholesale trade in household chemicals, people management, interaction with regional offices. Despite Natalia’s compliance with all requirements, the employer, having received her resume, did not get in touch. PC skills: advanced user Hobbies: embroidering with the Bulgarian cross

Bug work  Resume writing The first and very, according to the testimony of recruiters, a common mistake is the file name. The account of responses for each vacancy goes to hundreds, and resumes of candidates that interest the employer are usually saved in one folder. In addition, each file is called “Summary”. Even if these are different versions of the name (for example, “rezume”, “resume”, “resume”, “My resume”, etc.), it is easier to distinguish them among themselves by the names of the applicants. Therefore, there is a great risk that the recruiter’s acquaintance with the candidate will end up reading the name of the attached file.

From one of the recent vacancy announcements on the job search site: “Files called“ Resume ”or“ My Resume ”will not open. Please use your last name for this. The word “resume” in a document with this name is not used. And so it is clear that this is it. Personal data. The surname and patronymic of the candidate must be indicated fully and in order: name, patronymic, surname. An exception can be only if you apply directly to a company about which you know for sure that patronymic addresses have not been accepted there. It is mainly in foreign companies. Contacts must go immediately after the name. MirSovetov recommends to allocate and the name and contact information in a larger font. So it will be more convenient for the employer to read your resume. However, you cannot use a font larger than 14. In this case, too small text is inconvenient for reading, so the best option: the name and contacts 14 in the font, the rest of the text the 12th.